Medication Repeats

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Vet Legislation

Veterinary surgeons are governed by legislation regarding prescribed medications. This requires each pet to be examined regularly.

While we can extend medication repeats for 6 months, there will be cases that require more frequent assessment before medications can be dispensed. Your veterinarian will discuss this with you when your first script is provided. We are unable to dispense restricted medications on repeat.

Melville Animal Hospital is not able to provide scripts filled over the counter as we are not set up as a pharmacy. Our veterinarians dispense each script and they are checked and signed off before we contact you for collection.

Medication Repeat Requests

Please fill this in if you require repeat medicine for your pet (or print using PDF button below)

(i.e. Is your pet well at the moment?)

Print Version (PDF)

Please email or drop this form in for repeat medications and you will be contacted via SMS or phone when they are ready for collection.

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