Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need to Make an Appointment?

We understand and appreciate that your time is precious and we like to keep our clients waiting for as little time as possible. Sometimes unavoidable circumstances arise and we appreciate your understanding however e are usually able to keep to your appointment times. We don’t offer online bookings at this time as we like to talk to you and get a good idea of the problem so we can book you an appointment for the correct amount of time. This allows us to manage our appointments through the day and lets you manage your day too.

Is Pet Insurance Worth the Cost?

While we cannot advise on pet insurance policies we can tell you that pet insurance is becoming more and more popular for pets. In the case of unforeseen circumstances, it has proven to be extremely helpful for our clients who have taken out a policy for their pet. There is no Medicare for pets nor is there any public system where they can be treated for free, so especially in the event of an emergency or life-saving treatment it can be helpful to know that a lot of the policies available provide cover for these situations. There are many providers now so ring around and ask questions to find the right one for you.

Do You Charge More for Longer Appointments?

No, we don’t charge for longer consultations. Our current consultations are 15-minute appointments, however, if your pet has a complicated case we may need to extend this time for you.

Do You Offer Discounts?

This is something we get asked often, especially when it comes to sterilisations or some of the more complicated surgeries. Pricing is something that isn’t just thought up on the spot nor applied just because a procedure may be more complicated. We have full hospital facilities including extensive monitoring and diagnostic equipment as well as a large staff ratio per procedure to ensure the safety and care of your pet. As you can appreciate these all cost a lot to the practice and unfortunately, we don’t have government assistance to help offset these costs. Everything in the veterinary industry is privately or commercially owned. We keep our costs to a minimum so we can provide you with options of exceptional care while covering what it costs us to provide it to you. Calculating the time, surgical equipment, consumables, medications and theatre fees are considered for every procedure so we can apply the appropriate costs to you. Sterilisations, in particular, have already been heavily discounted as these are still a large surgical procedure even though they are routine. All veterinary practices, not just us provide these to the public at reduced prices as a community service for the benefit of your pet.

What Do I Do In An Emergency?

In an emergency, please call us either in the car if appropriate or before you come down, so we know to expect you and be ready to admit your pet with a brief history already taken. In the event of certain situations or depending on the time we may direct you to another facility and calling us will save you time going from one place to another.

Can I Order More Food/Medication?

Yes, please call us on 08 9317 4177, or send an email to

Do You Do Exports?

No, but we can provide Rabies vaccinations.
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