Puppy School

The key to raising a happy, well-adjusted and responsible dog lies in the early training and socialisation of your puppy.


At puppy pre-school, puppies can socialise, learn good manners and obedience in a safe, controlled environment. These classes, which are run weekly over 4 weeks, also help to make future trips to our hospital a less stressful, even enjoyable event!


Location: Held in our clinic waiting room

Time: Weekday evenings 7.30pm- 8.30pm

Ages: 6 weeks to 16 weeks at start of class

Duration: 4 week course


Cost: $110


Requirements: Need to have at least their first vaccination & be up to date with their vaccination schedule!

Please bring on a lead and collar.


Topics Covered:

Socialisation is the most important reason for puppy classes!

Not only with other dogs, but with different people, the vet clinic & different noises.


Basic Exercises: Learning their name, Sit, Settle, Stay, Come, Drop.


Healthcare: Dental care, diet, vaccinations, heartworm, intestinal worming, nail clipping, cleaning ears.


Behaviour problems: Toilet training, mouthing, barking, digging, chewing.


For more information please email dogtraining@melvet.com.au

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Public Holidays



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