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Our vets are available from 8am until 7pm, Monday to Friday, 8am until 5pm on Saturdays and 9am until 4pm on Sundays for consultations for your pet. We are happy to see you for all things from new puppy checks right through to persistent coughs. Our consultations can range from a 10 minute nail clip, right through to a 30 minute full work up, depending on your pet's needs.


Export of Pets Overseas

All of our veterinarians are of the few in Perth accredited for the examination of pets prior to travel from Australia to overseas countries. We provide a full inspection and treatment service for your pet to travel however as this process can be complicated we recommend organising your travel plans through an accredited export agent.


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You are welcome to a guided 'tour' of our facility at almost anytime, unless our patient load prevents it. Please phone ahead to arrange a suitable time.


For more information about our services please phone Melville Animal Hospital on:
08 9317 4177 or Contact us here.

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